Commercial Salting in Ottawa

Winter maintenance services for your commercial property involve more than simply plowing the snow out of the way. Once the temperatures drop, ice management is essential. Left unchecked, ice can be a hazard to your employees, customers, tenants or visitors, creating unnecessary danger and liability risks. Even small amounts can keep your business from operating as usual, impacting maneuverability, foot traffic, shipping & receiving or smooth shift changes.

Commercial Snow Ottawa provides complete salting and gritting services to commercial properties throughout Ottawa to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

Commercial Salting Services

Here in Ottawa, it is crucial that you choose a snow removal company that offers more than simply the basics of snow plowing, but also salting and gritting services for your commercial property. Ice management is an essential part of winter maintenance when it comes to commercial properties in Ottawa.

Commercial Snow Ottawa continually monitors weather forecasts and situations, knowing well in advance when the temperatures are going to drop. We’ll stay on top of your lot’s conditions, gauging when snow removal or salting will be needed, or when salt or grit should be re-applied. Not merely addressing wide-open spaces, our well-trained team will also address smaller spaces and pathways too; ensuring all outdoor public spaces are safe.

Even when your lots and sidewalks appear clear, we’ll make sure they are safe and free of dangerous ice. We offer both salt and grit services for your ice management needs and provide them day and night. By storing bulk salt and ensuring continuous supply, we are well-equipped to offer you dependable commercial salting and gritting services whenever required, all season long. Salting services go hand in hand with snow removal and are crucial to keeping your employees, tenants and customers safe, and your business running without interruption.

Trust Commercial Snow Ottawa to keep your commercial property safe throughout the winter months. Once winter sets in, it can be difficult to manage large amounts of ice. Our ice management systems deliver a one-two punch of both salting and gritting services to address ice build-up and to ensure safety on your commercial properties.

Our 24/7 team and fleet of salting vehicles are ready at a moment’s notice and will have your property ready for the arrival of employees & customers, or when your tenants need to leave for work. We’ll be there when you need us, count on it!

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